Poem 22: Fear of Fear


Trapped beneath

‘The man’ and a ‘system’

That’s down. Drowning. Afraid

I’m not showing up in it anyway

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Open Letter: Love Mekanism Preview Book

Daily Prompt: Open Letter

Dear Lovely Community,

As I have immersed myself into Part 2: Challenge to Finish a Project, I told you of dual projects (one mandatory) but I’m aware that I have written fewer letters these days as I have practiced writing for fiction characters. and other shorter poems, but I read a quote on a blog for writers that keeps returning to me, and I’ll post a link when I think of it or find it again- (or if you read it too, send me a link). It’s about how one should write the book you have- not the one you want. Have you ever seen something that you liked at the time but becomes LOUDER to you later. So loud that you’re nudged to feel that there’s something important to be learned from it? Well, that quote was like that to me… Here are chapter excerpts from the book I “have“. And it’s non-fiction so far. I hope you enjoy the preview. It’s about a question we have when we start or pick up enough pieces- how in the heck does one arrive where they are– so many factors that make a person who he or she is- our ethnocentrism (somewhere an Anthropologist is smiling). I noticed earlier that there are at least three regular posts in draft O_O and I said I wouldn’t do that! So Ya know what that means? to fix it 😀 I’m getting there haha! Thank you so much for following with me on this journey. Enjoy!

If you are also working on this Challenge, feel free to post your updates.

Click “More” to Preview the Excerpt

Love Mekanism Project: “Growing Up Super-Angel-Mother-Nature-Human

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Nerd Words: Literal Arts

Nerd World

That’s a post-secondary area of study, right? The study of trying to find a job with it -ology? Noooo. I literally don’t feel that way. Every egghead, non-prescription-spectacle-wearin’-geek-wanna-be-with-a-mouse, or nerd-stalkin’-senior-year-opportunist who has accidentally glanced at a ripped note BEFORE crushing it into enough saliva to make a “spitball” with enough density to propel it at the angle available using the perfect air pressure to reach the velocity required to adhere it to the classroom CEILING…. Knows:

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Nerd Words: et Tu, Rose?

Rose that Grew from Concrete and rosa do povo

Other than the reference to Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar, I have never heard the phrase “et tu”. Hearing or reading this literary earworm reminds me of the very first time I heard, “et tu, Brute?” which means “even you, Brutus?” A betrayed Julius Ceasar says in a dramatic bro-mantic finish after being stabbed by his own best friend and one he never expected to betray him, Marcus Brutus-“even you, Fool?” Oh yeah, Brutus also means stupid in Latin. In retrospect, this one of only two things from high school that I long for. Yes, I know that was a pretty geeky thing to say. The other one longing was Tupac. Tupac’s most famous poem is The Rose that Grew from Concrete (refer to the link above as needed). That’s why I’m calling this one “et Tu Rose?

“et tu” Know Better Than ‘tu’ Think ‘Tu’ Know What I’m About ‘2’ say:

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BREAKING NEWS: This Just In…Poem 7

Debate this: “Which came first?”  Of two choices, one will be wrong. Lift your VOICES. Debate hard and long–regardless the degree of truth or benefit to you. . At least you belong. No matter — debate and repeat ’til you believe it’s normal…

While I…. Press you flat into two-dimensional as I have Associated you in two groups for my efficiency

I have conveniently labeled negotiated views for you, absent you– but debate these only as it pleases the group

Reduce this: “Which came last?” The answer’s here…no over there! Don’t question what you think. Access to success, as defined by the group I gave you, are now key words beyond this  link. Or a whistle or a nod when reduced to the simplest terms for common man, so the “strong” understand that they are better… had it harder or whatever they need to see that the weak are the real enemy– not me.

While I… observe and record. I optimize all but the frequency of each whistle’s sound wave just to capitalize on what

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Why “Nerd Words” aren’t so Nerdy

A word-lovin-nerd-blog must have a segment about words. Here’s why “Nerd Words” never became just word-a-day filler I imagined.

Here’s why “Nerd Words” aren’t so nerdy.

1. I try to be loyal to my words. Of all the titillating tongue-dancing, lip-smacking words, sensory reacting words, right in front of us that we take for granted, how dare I scour exotic special dictionaries of clobbered latin, non-sense, and redundancy.

With “use your words” as a common request on this self-discovery a mission, why would I think you seek to speak like someone else? Instead of introducing new words, I seek to re-introduce some that are important to me– those we hear all the time and skim past without a second look. They might be introduced in a different context than we normally to seeing them. If only a nerd would know that, only an artist could conceptualize it– ’cause we can make flat things seem spatial– a lingual engineer(?)… a geek would get that.

But whyyyy?


mechanolater (Photo credit: Pete Prodoehl)

I find that it’s easier effectively listen when we don’t take words for granted– that is…know what we’re listening for. A single overused, misplaced, mispronounced, anecdotal, regional, or mystical word leaves some less than enchanted and perhaps the impression that they have already heard all that one has to say. Ahh to our detriment ’cause this is a sure-fire way to end up searching the world for what is right in front of ya. Now presentation is undeniable indeed, but I’ll take a platinum dinner plate in a hefty bag over a plastic noir origami on an engraved zinc alloy platter, any day of the week.

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Access Granted: A Nerd Love Poem

Access Granted: A Geek Love Poem (5)

First your permissions were “read-only”; then “write”. Come behind my firewall. Administrate me, I invite
-access and not just the.. user interface
give me your coded instruction…

Please, no corruption.. proceed carefully; mistakes in my tree negate memories by the terabyte
Keep me up day and night with no downtime; and you’ll find satisfaction in the windows that attracted you

Master…of the back-end …net…work
So I flirt with no broken links or exclaim no
dialog in my box, OK, we Continue
We click… page after page, it loads
and reloads- holds only when told
Delivers around the clock; while they wonder how you got…

Authenticated permission to control
But whatever they boldly stated
or what it’s called, I can recall… it.
’cause Access to the server room isn’t Random; it is granted if at all

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Prey Tell: Poem 4

Check out my 4th publicly shared poem “Prey Tell”

It does contain inferences of drugs, stalking, rape including date-rape, darkness, evil, and triumph.

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Human Error.

The Traveling Worker

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