Poem 46: Shake Off 2014

Country boy where are your people
Surely they didn’t leave you here with me dude
Holding my coat for a do si do
But watching my hips go round
Down and back making it clap
You’re on my side of town
Look but don’t touch
No not my butt
Silly man put me down
It’s all a bit much for the girl with the clutch
Pointing and staring me down
“He has a girlfriend!!”
Girlfriend, I see.
What’s that gotta do with me?
Not playing for keeps I’m just riding this beat
Shake it off like Taylor, missy

So much to shake off these days. Here’s some New Year’s fun poetry I hope you enjoyed it.



Poem 43: I’ll be

By Meka

I’ll be the one etched in both sides of your brain

I’ll be the DNA mutation effecting every membrane- every ache and pain but

I’ll also be the morphine to take it all away
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Good Ol’ Toxic Relationship Anyone?

First in the series: “What Would I Say…”

I mean a good and selfish volatile relationship with threesomes, hall passes, screaming, belittling, violence, or an isolating toxic relationship. No? Are they are in high demand now, since we’re still having to decline invitations. If so, when did this happen?

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Poem 39: Sadness in Sunshine

Trees dancing in the breeze
Eating. Drinking enough to think
Of tags in new clothing

The plight of children and broccoli
Smiles, laughter, and life fill hallways
In safe places of education everyday

Free worship and meditation
Mostly loving friends and family
Strangers yielding the right of way

Paper-cut fingers, painted toes
Temporarily stuffy noses
Beautiful Spring flowers. Roses

Sadness in sunshine
May be an ungrateful thing


Meka Love trail-walking in rain

Meka Trail-Walking in Rain

Weekly Artist Challenge Post for Ping and Comment (Original Rules)

“The continued success of Alicia Keys and the emergence of Kendrick Lamar have inspired a slow trickle of more meaningful songs. This shows us that no one– not the artists or their corporate support or independent investors are immune to the support and the will of the consumer.”-Meka, New Artist Challenge (6/23/ 2013)

It’s way too easy to forget that we, the listeners, hold the cards, cut, and deal ’em. The popular music landscape tends to reflect our current collective desires to escape reality. Is there anything wrong with that? I doubt it.

How to support your new fav artist? Yes of course buy originals and prints when you can, and download music and eBooks, get tickets legitimately, but when listening free, or admiring a work at no charge, try doing it using ad-enabled outlets like traditional and online radio, request their songs sometimes, share the work with someone who can afford it. Watch the official videos on YouTube, subscribing, sharing as instructed by the artist, and following on other social media are all ways to support. Support is ALWAYS appreciated.

Featured: It Is What It Is

Loving this. The author writes how a commonly used phrase, “It is what it is”, isn’t always how it really is.


I’ve heard  that phrase a few times, and owing to fact that I have tendonitis in my right hand and cannot write,( Ok then why am I writing this but more of that later ), I thought I’d Witter on about it for a few lines until a shooting pain up my right arm suggests I stop for a really decent helping of self-pity and some medicine,

Before that awful event let me try to continue. In my opinion, largely flawed, under informed and capable of being side tracked by the sight of my favourite foodstuffs, very little is as it is. Ok, for the  moment, if it rains it rains until, come the day, the wealthy among us will be able to turn on the , ‘Brilgoscope’ and move that inconvenient thunderstorm off our decking area and right over the garden of that irritatingly well dressed and opinionated Mrs Brightsmile so that I can get on with…

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Happy 1 Month Birthday Love Mekanism Community!!

Thank You for a Whole Month of Love

And thanks for over 1,000 views and 125 of the best and smartest community of Followers as of Sunday. That’s still really hard to believe. I mean.. Nerd Literature, Poetry, New Artists, creativity cravers, and lovers of life in all types, and here we are…all together! All your love and the support is immensely appreciated through this time and following this journey so far. It means the world to have you with me -lovemeka

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Poem 11: Selective Memories

Selective Memories

It’s good to spare a moment on days overcast with clouds- just to enjoy the memories of sunshine -the lovely and divine moments. Hidden or scattered- they mattered. Remember…

Rays that warmed our beaming faces and how laughter stiffened our cheeks that day ‘til our heads couldn’t stay down and our mouths could no longer control the stream

But we restrained the sound ‘til it escaped our nose, and sent so much glee to our bellies that sun showers poured from our eyes in a rush so powerful our sides… achedWith Meka

Why were we laughing like that anyway? The world will never ever know, but we all hold warm bright memories like those… when we excuse ourselves for we can’t control

Spare one….for just a moment or as many of them as you can find. And pull them from the comforting grip of the cavity at your ribs, and hold them up to your eyes, if…

…if that is the only way you can see good things. Just as the sun has never failed to rise- even when slighted by clouds’ blocking it’s light, good memories are always there when you select it

The glow of goodness  isn’t only in us; so many are making memories like those under our sun. When clouds are so low you can’t see or select any, believe that what shows is the beginning and are greater than one will ever know


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Interact with Me Tonight 8 PM CST

I’m here Honey c’mon in, and grab a sweet tea. What do you think about the question?

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Tonight’s Question …is for artists of all disciplines

Q. Does your art imitate life, or is does life seem to be imitating art? For the 3rd time in a week, I’ve written a seemingly random work only to learn that a public and related thing had just occurred. Has that ever happened to you? Why do you think so?

Sweet Iced Tea

Sweet Iced Tea (Photo credit: Godverbs)

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I had such a difficult time last week that I decided to start early! And I am so glad I did that. This week was absolutely amazing because I found so much great work. I have been sharing it everywhere. I’ve been inundated with inspiration, so I’m tinkering with another little blog where I can put the stuff that doesn’t fit neatly here (called I Love Mekanism – More Love, for now).

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