Information about Challenges

General information about Challenges

Thank you for your interest in the challenges I did and documented here before this was my Arts and Humanities blog alone. It was a tool I used to help change the course of my life and decide that I wouldn’t take “I know that…” for an answer. Now I challenge myself everyday and have learned and become comfortable using different types of media to document my progress.   I am still humbled when you follow along and check in on me. Now you can also follow along using the following links:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Plus and Add me, Meka to Circles on Google (I still don’t really get all of it, but oddly pretty cool to use)
  • Extras, commentary, and unedited deleted stuff Blog

The following is for those who just found this blog and want to Challenge yourself as I did

Thank you for following along with me on this journey. If you are following, participating, or plan to ever participate in any Challenge, it’s a good idea to go ahead and

Follow Love Mekanism Project at Google, and add  to Circles

About Love Mekanism Project Private Community 

I just set up, and understand that it is available for you, my friends of the Project to share tasteful arts or perhaps shy artists who might only be ready to share with other growing artists. I don’t know, but it is available now. Note that at some point, it may contain nudity, links to music, profanity, etc. It might also accompany discussions of Romantic Love in the future. We’ll see how it goes!

How to join. For now, you must be

1) Follower here on this site by Email, specifically and a
2) Follower on the Love Mekanism Project at Google, and
3) be at least 18 to access the Private Community page

Scoring Myself

Here’s how I kept up with scoring myself for Challenges:

NERD ALERT Stipulations>> As for those following along with the challenges… Have you obtained “Love Mekanism Challenge Level 1.0 “? K, I just made that up, and it has no monetary value, but for this challenge just go with it lol. Eh hem as I was…There are mini challenges within lessons, but for the major challenges, here’s a fun little grading system that also makes measuring progress easy

Long-term or On-going Challenges

1) Level 1.0 completion is that you have already read the post “Nerd Words to Love By: Humanity”, and did the Visual exercise or any honest personal survey these last few days.

2) Understand that this is beneficial if during step 1) above, you found that you have unacceptably critical thoughts or behaviors including critical language.

So ya see, its not for everyone, and it doesn’t replace any current professional treatment or anything, recommendations. With that clear, if you think you will benefit personally benefit. I’m sooooo glad to have you with me on this journey!


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