Poem 13: …and Be Very Specific

Who wakes to be a fool

But a distant lover to:

“I dreamt of you”- whose

Foolish heart becomes

Whole another day whether

She wishes it. In a whisper

“Talk slowly babe…and be very

Very specific”


Lord Hammercy, Billy! It’s Been 50 Posts!

Unlikely Music Review as Poetry: New Song By Billy Lord was the very first post here. With permission, I reviewed his newly penned song, Lone Star, as a poetic work. Thanks Billy! These lyrics and his inspiring story helped sparked interests in discovering new artists, new music, and great song content. I urge you to read through the comments for a few of those sentiments. Many asked, “Where can I find out more about Billy Lord and his music?”-wanting to also discover a musical gem. This song gave rise to the New Artist Challenge to discover more new music and now a related series that begins Sunday here on Interact with Me a 8:30pm CST.

And for Billy Lord, on the heels of his recent performance at Independence Park in Bristol, Rhode Island, as part of a 4th of July concert series, now he’s working on new music for his upcoming album, National Anthem, and preparing for an upcoming performance of his critically acclaimed songs from his début album, American Music available on billylordmusic.com at the EOTM Awards on August 2, 2013. For more information about Billy’s upcoming events, appearances, and performances, follow him on facebook, instagram, and twitter: billylordmusic. Now, go find and support some new music!

Thank you for celebrating with me tonight -lovemeka

I also recommend the following new artists:

  1. Femke
  2. Chyno Soul
  3. Tess Henley
Cheers (Drink to That)

Cheers (Drink to That) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Celebrating my 50th Post!! Cheers!

I was so proud to finally press the Publish button on my first article. How many times have  I sat down to free myself of the imposing knocks of words to be poured from my heart and conducted through my fingertips from 70-80+ wpm (and back).. of personal creative writings in poetry, prose, short stories–even portions of novels, and inspiration, musings, celebrations of life and truth as I found it– only to not click Publish? Too many times for years, a steadily increasing rumble of keystrokes become white noise at a noble clacking translator, that in a sudden halt, could not comprehend “send”. But I never imagined a day would come when rumble would stop altogether. Simply writing my 50th post doesn’t look like a gigantic feat, but honey I assure you that looks can deceive. If a single shard of silver in a storm cloud can bring hope for generations, certainly 50 posts after writer’s block is worth celebrating. Cheers for the little community here with the big heart! Thank you for sticking by me and hoping with me. I believe that cheers are also in order for harnessing fear, overcoming adversity, continuing to grow; for all the hidden work that may never see the light of day, for all the support from old and new friends who cheer me on as I ride the wave of their support in the name of their own unpublished and unshared work until they can join me on their own terms in their own time, I am grateful, lucky, blessed, and humbled to celebrate this occasion . Thank you -lovemeka

50 Posts?! Let’s Celebrate

3 New Changes at Love Mekanism Project

I should say “changes really soon”. More love!!! That’s for sure… I’m still grasping that I’m not alone in here. Your patience and presence feels absolutely amazing. Of course… I did redecorate that one time…but I came up with a few ways to make things more comfortable and easily navigable for you without compromising the integrity of the project:

1) Open and Unedited: You will find a link or tab or menu to make it easier to differentiate works that are currently open and/or unedited. No one asked, but I’m just tryna help 🙂 that way at least you know when I’m working or if I have abandoned a project. Let’s see how that goes.

2) Schedule. For the regular ‘series’ posts and the one new upcoming series, I will post a schedule and try that out, so look for it! Got my fingers crossed, and we’ll see if that works too… It might help if they occur less randomly. It always surprises me who looks forward to what, but I’m just glad you’re reading and benefit. Thank you!

3) Challenge details. More details, rules that I kept in mind, and support related to Challenges. I understand that some are coming later and want to complete the ones I have on their own. Also the New Artist Challenge is becoming a series instead of a sporadic event! <–so excited about that


Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Comment below or email by clicking About Love Mekanism Project menu button (completing “About Love Mekanism” project menu button– that’s my next project 🙂

Oh yeah… When??? I’m giving myself until Updated: 7/20/13, so look for them.

If you have comments or questions related to these changes, please use the form at About Love Mekanism (completing that section’s gonna be my next project) or you can also send a message on facebook.

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Update Part 2: Challenge to Finish a Project

Good morning! All my loves, I hope the weekend returned you to me rested and ready for a challenge Update.

Part 2: Challenge to Finish a Project.

I made it to Level 2.5! Wooo!!! Ok…that’s all I got. Cheers! Sure, I wanted to get further along. I’m just glad I picked this section as the first because it makes things so much easier.  Straight away, you get some direction- a plan. But there are never enough hours, are there? If you remember, from Part 1 how  I had to pace myself because a pressing issue bumped my project, but with what I had done so far, it was easy. I can’t pretend that I’m excited about waiting. Somethings just don’t work out as predicted, but when I remember all the times things didn’t turn out as I wanted them to turn out, it actually turned out to be the best thing that could have happened because the alternative is usually (a crash or something?) Well… let’s just say worse… Well, that’s what I keep telling myself! Hey, whatever works.

The key for me is trying not to force things, but to believe that  it is unequivocally for me, so there’s nothing that could keep me from my destiny. I like when Oprah says, “God can dream a bigger dream than you.” What a happy lil statement- to imagine that whatever doesn’t happen pales in comparison to what you could ever “dreeeeeam” will be in the future.  This way, I don’t create unnecessary obstacles for myself. But in all fairness, my list was pretty detailed, and I am working on 2 simultaneously. I’m happy to be moving along, and with a plan in place, I can at least see where I’m going. That’s exciting!

Guess what? In my plan, I  made sure to link the connections specifically why I am doing something a certain way just in case another way comes about, and I can quickly recalled why that choice worked and the others could not. How is your project?

May as Well Tell You Now: A Poem

-Poem 8: Inspired by the family and those grieving Treyvon Martin

If I could ever shield you from darkness and injustice, I would shield you now

What was wrong with believing everything seen on tv about freedom, justice, and being

Wild-eyed innocence—like a child beaming at Santa…or the President- you can do anything!

Who could tell you? I know how they felt comforting me as a child who had seen the King beating on TV

A paroled construction worker and the violence that ensured, I would rather forget

But it happens too often, so I can’t- hoped against disappointment months ago sensing no good end

Maybe that’s the reason your broken heart now calls my pen…

Raindrops in your coffee; these words are bitter to taste but there’s a lot of truth

Dear loves, I wouldn’t waste my “me space” just to bullsh-t you

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About Poem 5 and Having Tables Turned

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DISCOMFORT.

Poem 5: Tremble, Monologue, Bass

Is about how I felt preparing for my first time posting a video image of myself online for the challenge: Act Out “What’s Clearly Bothering Me” Monologue for a prompt called Tables Turned.

Daily Prompt: Tables Turned. Are as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one?

No— not even close. I’m an admirer and observer, so being behind the camera is fun! On the contrary, I hate holding a smile. For the longest, I didn’t “get” taking photos as I love moments too much to waste. Now I do, but not for me…. the munchkins and loved ones I can’t see as much as I’d like, they adore them, so I go ahead and get them outta the way and get on with it. I take a photo ahead of events for the purposes of damage-control… because the most awkward ones seem circulate fast and wide. Couple times I thought I was lookin’ like a delectable caramel pie all around–ready to be tagged, but nope-just pi! 😉

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Act Out “What’s Clearly Bothering Me” Monologue

New Challenge!! This one should be especially fun if you have you ever wanted to be an actor, write a screenplay, have a one-person show, or just challenge yourself like me. If you are like me, either you just clicked off of this, or haven’t gotten around to it ’cause you paused to wonder whether “blog incontinence” is such a thing. Either way, this challenge is for you….mmmkaaaay “us”.

Challenge Details

1) I will give me 5 days in keeping with the original challenge. That’s due Wednesday, the 10th at 10:00 p.m. CST

2) Record and post an original video of yourself bringing the drama to my monologue,  “What’s Clearly Bothering Me”

3) You may share a link to your video on this post, so I know where to watch and subscribe

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New Artists and Free Verse Independence Day

New Artists and Free Verse Independence Day. This challenge provides an opportunity for newly inspired artists or anyone who wants to share or try out experimental music, poetry, or art, can feel free to share their own at http://lovemekanism.org today, Independence Day, July 4, 2013


New Artists and Free Verse Independence Day

“Yesterday, I shared what I aspire or admire in poetry these days, and now I want it back…the inspiration which consumes you now… Today, I want more–to crawl the walls of  followers– artists for what I might feature today… the liberation of words, visuals, and sound– poetry transferred from crimped damp paper over slippery keys through clearly blurred vision.” -lovemeka

I want simplicity forced out through desperately hoarse channels–beautiful music cracking all the wrong words in all the wrong ways as these wrongs somehow make it alright and– relax… it’s perfect sense…it doesn’t work while you’re tense…more!

— more unpolished–barely poetry, more melody, more art–just more freaky-lookin-how-the-hell-is-this-beauty? It just is…something of that which comes from the raw unfamiliar places that span the emotions of human energy conduction– synaptic heat…spirit…muscle contractions…off beat and on rhythm though it looks so simple.

Wave your flag at me; be sure I see you by commenting  below or sharing anonymously. The challenge is to free your inspiration here on http://lovemekanism.org and pay it forward by freeing others with your free verse or haiku– no rules this Independence Day. Newbies and returnees, this is for you.

Happy 4th of July!!


Comment if you are ready to share your work– otherwise, use this Contact form and specify “anon” or “anonymous”. Don’t forget to Like, Follow, and Share this. Enjoy!