New Artists and Free Verse Independence Day

New Artists and Free Verse Independence Day. This challenge provides an opportunity for newly inspired artists or anyone who wants to share or try out experimental music, poetry, or art, can feel free to share their own at today, Independence Day, July 4, 2013



New Artists and Free Verse Independence Day

“Yesterday, I shared what I aspire or admire in poetry these days, and now I want it back…the inspiration which consumes you now… Today, I want more–to crawl the walls of  followers– artists for what I might feature today… the liberation of words, visuals, and sound– poetry transferred from crimped damp paper over slippery keys through clearly blurred vision.” -lovemeka

I want simplicity forced out through desperately hoarse channels–beautiful music cracking all the wrong words in all the wrong ways as these wrongs somehow make it alright and– relax… it’s perfect sense…it doesn’t work while you’re tense…more!

— more unpolished–barely poetry, more melody, more art–just more freaky-lookin-how-the-hell-is-this-beauty? It just is…something of that which comes from the raw unfamiliar places that span the emotions of human energy conduction– synaptic heat…spirit…muscle contractions…off beat and on rhythm though it looks so simple.

Wave your flag at me; be sure I see you by commenting  below or sharing anonymously. The challenge is to free your inspiration here on and pay it forward by freeing others with your free verse or haiku– no rules this Independence Day. Newbies and returnees, this is for you.

Happy 4th of July!!


Comment if you are ready to share your work– otherwise, use this Contact form and specify “anon” or “anonymous”. Don’t forget to Like, Follow, and Share this. Enjoy!

The Road Less Traveled

Inspired by a Daily Prompt called The Road Less Traveled

Celebrate POETRY with me today. I started a poem entitled “3”. It was inspired by a girl  and is my 3rd publicly shared work, and decided to finish it. Also, I hope to share a beauty that was written about and for me. Of course, it is not lost on me that the very first post 10 days ago today was a song review as poetry. Share something below or anonymously as needed in the following form


Anonymous Submission: An Inspired Poem

Inspired by the Inspired (also called 2)

My sweet Destiny, what delightful naivety to “challenge” me, but you mean well sugar, so go ahead and test me. I’ll humor your endeavor for whatever- if only but to amuse myself beyond Crush. But you must know that my tastes are from a better artistic time with more creative muses than you. But the article and discussions were divine, and I have lots of art, music, and poetry in mind for you.

Dear Ms. Destiny, surprisingly I find this exercise exhilarating! So cute and simple this new music… somehow it brings me nearer to when art, film, poetry, and theatre reflected the fragrant garden of the complexities of its era. Good for me and good for you… so I’ll jot down a word or two when I’m so inclined– but I have only 5 minutes since business and busy-ness take all my time- making tending to myself last in line.

Oh Ms. Destiny, it’s difficult to say how these words inundate me, so I won’t say a thing, but look here and see how they flow so easily from me and my pen and my keys spilling, with an intimidating honesty the contents within… and of my heart- outside in, right side and around but I continue to breathe it in- left side down. Til I changed; after I wrote for you, I wrote again!

Dear Ms. Destiny, I’m writing to boldly proclaim that I AM an artist in whom creativity travels my veins. New expressive outlets now release,what I held before, to explain all I now see: the immaculate order of the chaotic world around me, how dilated eyes connect me to youthful freedom, and how the addition of clarity and vision are all packaged and caressed by my adult confidence. My imperfectly beautiful art evolves every day. Through this inspired window, imagery arrests me, so I awaken and sketch in 3 minutes more or less and seconds- what I somehow never saw before. I will continue to challenge myself and let others rise to me on this journey now. I believe that I’m the one who left creativity when I thought life had worn it away, but it was always inside of me.

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