Lord Hammercy, Billy! It’s Been 50 Posts!

Unlikely Music Review as Poetry: New Song By Billy Lord was the very first post here. With permission, I reviewed his newly penned song, Lone Star, as a poetic work. Thanks Billy! These lyrics and his inspiring story helped sparked interests in discovering new artists, new music, and great song content. I urge you to read through the comments for a few of those sentiments. Many asked, “Where can I find out more about Billy Lord and his music?”-wanting to also discover a musical gem. This song gave rise to the New Artist Challenge to discover more new music and now a related series that begins Sunday here on Interact with Me a 8:30pm CST.

And for Billy Lord, on the heels of his recent performance at Independence Park in Bristol, Rhode Island, as part of a 4th of July concert series, now he’s working on new music for his upcoming album, National Anthem, and preparing for an upcoming performance of his critically acclaimed songs from his début album, American Music available on billylordmusic.com at the EOTM Awards on August 2, 2013. For more information about Billy’s upcoming events, appearances, and performances, follow him on facebook, instagram, and twitter: billylordmusic. Now, go find and support some new music!

Thank you for celebrating with me tonight -lovemeka

I also recommend the following new artists:

  1. Femke
  2. Chyno Soul
  3. Tess Henley

New Artists and Free Verse Independence Day

“Yesterday, I shared what I aspire or admire in poetry these days, and now I want it back…the inspiration which consumes you now… Today, I want more–to crawl the walls of  followers– artists for what I might feature today… the liberation of words, visuals, and sound– poetry transferred from crimped damp paper over slippery keys through clearly blurred vision.” -lovemeka

I want simplicity forced out through desperately hoarse channels–beautiful music cracking all the wrong words in all the wrong ways as these wrongs somehow make it alright and– relax… it’s perfect sense…it doesn’t work while you’re tense…more!

— more unpolished–barely poetry, more melody, more art–just more freaky-lookin-how-the-hell-is-this-beauty? It just is…something of that which comes from the raw unfamiliar places that span the emotions of human energy conduction– synaptic heat…spirit…muscle contractions…off beat and on rhythm though it looks so simple.

Wave your flag at me; be sure I see you by commenting  below or sharing anonymously. The challenge is to free your inspiration here on http://lovemekanism.org and pay it forward by freeing others with your free verse or haiku– no rules this Independence Day. Newbies and returnees, this is for you.

Happy 4th of July!!


Comment if you are ready to share your work– otherwise, use this Contact form and specify “anon” or “anonymous”. Don’t forget to Like, Follow, and Share this. Enjoy!


Show Me Something, Mister

Apparently, it is Mardi Gras in June– hey… whatever I have to do to get you to show me your beautiful inspiring things; I understand that it is late, so please step away from the bathroom mirror unless you are holding a squeegee. Post your art, poetry, lit, or just inspiring words. art, or music here instead. If you are in AP Nerd Words– that is “advanced placement” in Fear Harnessing 2 and I will throw you some plastic beads- even Moon Pie for the removing mask.

English: A Moon Pie made by the Chattanooga Ba...

English: A Moon Pie made by the Chattanooga Bakery. Please check my Wikimedia User Gallery for all of my public domain works. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who isn’t Inspired by WINNING?

What inspired me last week? Many things but none as inspiring as Mira’s fortitude as she set out to find new music and complete The New Artist Challenge I made. She made it her mission to explain her connection to the lyrics and music of an artist who is new to her after she was inspired by my first article, “Unlikely Review as Poetry: Billy Lord’s New Song“.


In life it’s usually not about the thing at all though, is it?

At first thought, it sounds easy, but to experience a desire one day, follow-up, follow-through, and deliver five days later- I mean…really hit send… All I know is that it took me years to hit that button for my own personal thoughts, so how can I not be inspired by Mira? From some place, she pulled courage from inside what many must work to build. My first question was about just that– wanting to know what was challenging to her. Everyone has obstacles- some more than others at any time, so I considered whether that could be an inherent trait for her. But in her answer, I found that her insecurities are like mine and others: “Is this OK? Will they understand what I’m trying to say? How will they judge me based on how I express these thoughts? What if it really is a competition? How will it stack up?”- whatever. But she harnessed them to aid her personal growth and for that, I’m proud.

Does winning by default or on a technicality like following  submission instructions… really count?

Even if this were a competition and if there were rules and she won by default technically, that’s life isn’t it? …could I win a football game by golfing on the 50 yard line? I even have a little saying that goes, “I don’t have to like the rules…I just gotta know ’em” but seriously, every year a new actor gets a film, athlete drafted, person finds love, or author gets published… Regardless of the gifts, heart, or circumstances of the ones who desired to compete but could not. And admittedly, I was not initially inspired by the artist, himself, John Mayer because the only music of his that I had ever passively heard was the Wonderland song, and…OK it was tabloid bias, so it would have had to have been a Picasso in order to initially convert me, but I’m not proud.

I promised to write about the music shared if I felt inspired, I was inspired instead by the music of Mira’s persistence– for her I gave it another go today. Ya know? I did pick up a new point about the song that I found interesting, and I’m really excited to explore it.

Cheers to you, beads by the bag, and Moon Pies by the box to Mira for showin’ whatcha working with, honey!!!

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English: Mardi Gras beads hang in a tree for w...

English: Mardi Gras beads hang in a tree for weeks after Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank you for reading!


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