Poem 24: The Case for Love

Love is guilty in judgement, and the jury is only one 

Hung on Memories and Hopefulness submitting a compelling case against

Giving up on it- each alone stands begging you to remember:

Lying in bed while another stroked your head, counting the hairs

Silently and contently watching the calm in your face

Taking your hand into his palm just to marvel each finger- resting against his own

As if he wondered how someone so fragile and small could grip his heart so tightly

And ever-so-slightly loosening that grip to accept a most frightening concept

Accepting you…

Except nothing

Maybe he offers to shave “down there” or paint your toenails

Or pulls up a chair to watch patiently as you make

Yourself over for a date with him

However long that takes

Since you and he alone are the date

Satisfied in your company as long as

He is the one catching the last glimpse of the arch in your back this evening

While “zzziiiip” drowns out sounds of pleasure replaying in his head

Clasping those memories away for the duration instead

Fighting the desire of

Going back to bed

To make more love

When your eyes meet just to say,

“How may I love you today?”

So you hope for its rehabilitation

And again the case is in favor of


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Photo Credits: http://www.thecampuscompanion.com/2012/10/03/how-to-fix-it-dating-a-guy-whose-friends-dont-like-you/couples-in-love/#.Um3ZIHBOOSo

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Poem 22: Fear of Fear


Trapped beneath

‘The man’ and a ‘system’

That’s down. Drowning. Afraid

I’m not showing up in it anyway

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Poem 18: Late Calls

18th Publicly Shared Poem “Late Calls” by Meka


Is it too late to call?

I’m about to come


You make me sleepy

I’ve just enough energy to tuck you in

You’ve rocked me


In my dreams


Something. I

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The Feminist Papers

The following is the first in a fiction series called “The Feminist Papers” For now, these letters and correspondence will have to do in place of Nerd Words. As always, thank you for reading. Please enjoy.

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Interact With Me at 9 pm

Good evening!

Lovers of Interact know that it is going on right now! So c’mon in, grab a sweet tea, and catch up with me! I’m live-writing so don’t forget to refresh to follow updates. New to Love Mekanism Project? Start Here

A glass of sweet tea

A glass of sweet tea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

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Speaking of twitter. I wrote a poem just for twitter and just before lunch. Maybe I should share it. Having shared the first poem here, the first Haiku here, and, I felt the need to share my first twitter poem too. Enjoy!

Cake by @lovemekanism

“Unhealthy. Every hydrocarbon of my being draws close so I might have each single touch of u but I crave more. Harder. I transform”

Agenda Item 1. Question:

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Rose that Grew from Concrete and rosa do povo

Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete?

Proving nature’s laws wrong, it learned to walk without having feet.Funny, it seems torose that grew from concrete photo: Rose That Grew From A Concrete Rose.jpg

By keeping its dreams; it learned to breathe fresh air. Long live the rose

that grew from concrete when no one else even cared. -Tupac, 1976-1996

Tupac Shakur, The Rose that Grew from Concrete

E um anúncio, um chamado, uma esperança embora frágil, pranto infantil no berço?

Talvez apenas um ai de seresta, quem sabe.

Mas há um ouvido mais fino que escuta, um peito de artista que incha, e uma rosa se abre, um segredo

comunica-se, o poeta anunciou, o poeta, nas trevas, anunciou. -Drummond de Andrade, 1943 e 1945

Drummond de Andrade, rosa do povo



Happy 1 Month Birthday Love Mekanism Community!!

Thank You for a Whole Month of Love

And thanks for over 1,000 views and 125 of the best and smartest community of Followers as of Sunday. That’s still really hard to believe. I mean.. Nerd Literature, Poetry, New Artists, creativity cravers, and lovers of life in all types, and here we are…all together! All your love and the support is immensely appreciated through this time and following this journey so far. It means the world to have you with me -lovemeka

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Cheers (Drink to That)

Cheers (Drink to That) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Celebrating my 50th Post!! Cheers!

I was so proud to finally press the Publish button on my first article. How many times have  I sat down to free myself of the imposing knocks of words to be poured from my heart and conducted through my fingertips from 70-80+ wpm (and back).. of personal creative writings in poetry, prose, short stories–even portions of novels, and inspiration, musings, celebrations of life and truth as I found it– only to not click Publish? Too many times for years, a steadily increasing rumble of keystrokes become white noise at a noble clacking translator, that in a sudden halt, could not comprehend “send”. But I never imagined a day would come when rumble would stop altogether. Simply writing my 50th post doesn’t look like a gigantic feat, but honey I assure you that looks can deceive. If a single shard of silver in a storm cloud can bring hope for generations, certainly 50 posts after writer’s block is worth celebrating. Cheers for the little community here with the big heart! Thank you for sticking by me and hoping with me. I believe that cheers are also in order for harnessing fear, overcoming adversity, continuing to grow; for all the hidden work that may never see the light of day, for all the support from old and new friends who cheer me on as I ride the wave of their support in the name of their own unpublished and unshared work until they can join me on their own terms in their own time, I am grateful, lucky, blessed, and humbled to celebrate this occasion . Thank you -lovemeka

50 Posts?! Let’s Celebrate