Poem 46: Shake Off 2014

Country boy where are your people
Surely they didn’t leave you here with me dude
Holding my coat for a do si do
But watching my hips go round
Down and back making it clap
You’re on my side of town
Look but don’t touch
No not my butt
Silly man put me down
It’s all a bit much for the girl with the clutch
Pointing and staring me down
“He has a girlfriend!!”
Girlfriend, I see.
What’s that gotta do with me?
Not playing for keeps I’m just riding this beat
Shake it off like Taylor, missy

So much to shake off these days. Here’s some New Year’s fun poetry I hope you enjoyed it.



Poem 9: Wailing for the Good Old Days

Poem 9: Wailing for Good Old Days

When we could sing and swing without consequence

We dance…. oooh we dance. The wind brushes our faces

His pants press the laces sewn beneath my skirt- tan…talizing

Josephine Baker by Michele Rosenthal

Josephine Baker by Michele Rosenthal

Him. We flirt. His eyes soothe. We move together; I close my eyes and

Open them as horns remind me how his hands are convincing but they don’t stop my feet from

twirling and dancing. I look around, and see that they all imagine he’s one of the

37 million brave on paper posters in bright ink and / or dull ink in rolled scrolls

Who did not come home; I’ve rented it enough space in my mind, but this here’s my time

and I’ll take this fine one though he’s not mine. His warmth is natural. My skin says so…

My body says so… I’ve sewn many of those and I best know that uniform-

in the factory, these teeth have sneakily torn many-a-thread to take them apart

So, you see, I bite, but it doesn’t hurt. “I can surely take them apart,”

I smile. I flirt and leave your heart in tact.

Wake relaxed to a crisp shirt and slacks

So when across wide seas- anywhere you sail the map

You will never fail to think back. Then

draw from my lips a slice of heaven to take- as you brave….

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