Haiku: Appreciate


Overgrown garden

Have you paid a gardener

If not, grab a rake


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Haiku: Please Peacock No More Cologne

I’m Smelling Cologne

Soda cup covers my nose

Let down the window


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First Date: Poem 14

I know she feels this way too. I’m GQ today
But her Allure… “Waiter, 2 more? ” I’m
Wondering how many drinks it takes
To knock these plates off the table
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Nerd Words: Literal Arts

Nerd World

That’s a post-secondary area of study, right? The study of trying to find a job with it -ology? Noooo. I literally don’t feel that way. Every egghead, non-prescription-spectacle-wearin’-geek-wanna-be-with-a-mouse, or nerd-stalkin’-senior-year-opportunist who has accidentally glanced at a ripped note BEFORE crushing it into enough saliva to make a “spitball” with enough density to propel it at the angle available using the perfect air pressure to reach the velocity required to adhere it to the classroom CEILING…. Knows:

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