Part 2: Rest in Peace or Pieces



“This is Warrior 5. Sir. Pat yourself on the back with your free hand; draw a bar in the mud on your forehead…”

“Sir I’m honor…”

“Day old tea?! Lieutenant -one day or one month? Over.”

“T minus one day, Sir.”

Excerpt Peace or in Pieces 1

Part 1 Excerpt: Rest in Peace or in Pieces

“Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot….”

“Roger that, Warrior 5. What the fu.., Sir. Over”

“Confirm. Sit-Rep in two fife.”

“I copy: Situation report in 25 minutes. Location in fife. Over.”

“…Eyes on Juliet?” Clicking noise.

“Three scout teams no commo, Sir, Over.”

“Damnit!” Shouts Warrior 5. Brief white noise followed by a faint click. Silence.

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And the Winner Is… Me: Awards

Thank you…thank you! Wowed at two awards? You shouldn’t have, but I’m so proud that you did. Thank you Gabriel Lucatera. Mr. Lucatera is a self-help blogger I follow. His website, Shape Your Life, also follows this one. I have shared some great posts from there, so once you’ve shared with me here, go check him out! Here’s hoping for many more 😀

If You’re Nominated:

1. Display the logo on a post

2. Thank the person who nominated you and a link to his or her site

3. Write seven (7) things about you

4. Nominate fourteen (14) bloggers, and tell them in a comment in their blog

I shouldn’t pretend I haven’t been thanking the little people (both of  ’em got cookies, so they think it’s “awesooome”). And I can’t forget aaaall my adoring fans.. all 3 got a hand-crafted text message. Ooooh honey, you would’ve thought I was Queen Beyonce yard training a couple chihuahuas down here. (Hey! it’s my party) It was the highlight of my day yesterday. Cheers!

Sunshine Award

Inner Peace Award

Twin Awards: Inner Peace and Sunshine Award: The rules say I should list 7 things about me. If you Follow or at least read my 1st progress celebration, you know at least 5. But here are 7!!

7 Things About ME

  1. This blog, Love Mekanism Project, is 20 days old today!
  2. Prior to my first post, I couldn’t write as my writer’s block  spanned the past few years. I wrote about an up-and-coming country/rock artist’s song and haven’t stopped writing since. I must write; I was designed to operate this way.
  3. Though my entire full-time professional career, I’ve been a titled writer (salaried, as a businessman, and as a contractor) since I graduated from college the first time

4.  …I never before wrote about myself— only other individuals’ plans, entities, and products. But I liked it!

5.  A High School football half-time show in Mississippi is where I read the first poem I EVER wrote–a 2-minute scribble that didn’t rhyme; I submitted in a last-second coerced talent entry about being drug-free– I was a fearless, but humiliated 4th grader– I had won 2nd place overall in grades 1-12

6.  The first poem of my own topic and opinion that I shared publicly drafted, posted, and edited here (…bless editors everywhere). I have written 5 more poems since that one. They’re all here, so please read them when you have time for sweet tea.

7. I’m still just as excited when others read and support Love Mekanism Project– interacting, following, quickly reading rough drafts I hurry out to keep from changing my mind. Taking my learning curves like champs patiently bumbling about the site as I figure it out, commenting, messaging, writing for me, quoting me, and following my progress– all still amazing. My favorite compliment is sharing…paying it forward. That’s why I’m most delighted to nominate 14 bloggers.


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