Featured: Thoughts from 1/4 of a Century and a Half Years Old

I know that I want to share something and that it is worth sharing when it sticks in my mind long after like this thoughtful poem. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Anonymous Submission: An Inspired Poem

Commit Art

There is a dog on a leash And paradoxes around every corner Adapt or Die Everyone has a truth and  Conversation with the Other is dire The Himalayas are not sustainable It is all perfect It is all is fleeting There is a crack in everything All things are eternal We are Unique Shattering We are all One Together or separately What is Time Responsibilities and Relationships Belonging and Longing To Love is to set Free Idealism and  We each have different Realities Money. Power. Control. Fear. Aloof freedom with Meditation and healthy food and Purity and like-mindedness. Peace. The absence of other minds How to heal Data discover Herbs. Touch. Energy. Symptoms Mood. Swings. Unhinged. Climate chaos Fame. Coat-Tails. Beasts of the Wild. Systems of society Expression. Emotions. Ego. Spirituality religion history Conscious of murder and mistakes Car crash and weather disaster A bigger picture tormented by finality Death…

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3 New Changes at Love Mekanism Project

I should say “changes really soon”. More love!!! That’s for sure… I’m still grasping that I’m not alone in here. Your patience and presence feels absolutely amazing. Of course… I did redecorate that one time…but I came up with a few ways to make things more comfortable and easily navigable for you without compromising the integrity of the project:

1) Open and Unedited: You will find a link or tab or menu to make it easier to differentiate works that are currently open and/or unedited. No one asked, but I’m just tryna help 🙂 that way at least you know when I’m working or if I have abandoned a project. Let’s see how that goes.

2) Schedule. For the regular ‘series’ posts and the one new upcoming series, I will post a schedule and try that out, so look for it! Got my fingers crossed, and we’ll see if that works too… It might help if they occur less randomly. It always surprises me who looks forward to what, but I’m just glad you’re reading and benefit. Thank you!

3) Challenge details. More details, rules that I kept in mind, and support related to Challenges. I understand that some are coming later and want to complete the ones I have on their own. Also the New Artist Challenge is becoming a series instead of a sporadic event! <–so excited about that


Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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Oh yeah… When??? I’m giving myself until Updated: 7/20/13, so look for them.

If you have comments or questions related to these changes, please use the form at About Love Mekanism (completing that section’s gonna be my next project) or you can also send a message on facebook.

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New Artists and Free Verse Independence Day

New Artists and Free Verse Independence Day. This challenge provides an opportunity for newly inspired artists or anyone who wants to share or try out experimental music, poetry, or art, can feel free to share their own at http://lovemekanism.org today, Independence Day, July 4, 2013



What makes it brilliant to me is that the symbolism is not usually something I would enjoy, but yet it forces itself down, satisfies, and nourishes once it has been consumed. Finally, I the blogger has a keen eye for design that gives readers an aesthetic reminiscent of the art that is the poetry itself.

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The Road Less Traveled

Inspired by a Daily Prompt called The Road Less Traveled

Celebrate POETRY with me today. I started a poem entitled “3”. It was inspired by a girl  and is my 3rd publicly shared work, and decided to finish it. Also, I hope to share a beauty that was written about and for me. Of course, it is not lost on me that the very first post 10 days ago today was a song review as poetry. Share something below or anonymously as needed in the following form