Reading of Poem 27- Southern Metropolis: A Love Story

After challenging myself on to satisfactorily read one of my poems, I finally read Southern Metropolis: A Love Story in a YouTube video. Much better than the first time I tried a similar challenge.

Southern Metropolis is a love story metaphor for artists in metropolitan areas or small towns who believe they must leave everything behind and move away to achieve their dreams for many reasons– perhaps the lack of local opportunities, possibly limited support in a divided community, or simply that arts may not be seen as an acceptable way to make a living there. It is part tragedy, part endearing, part “unsaid thing“, and all love and art. That’s still appealing story to me. I’m happy to have been able to write and share it- now read it to you.


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Poem 26: Teacher

Do it again

Make me react like that

I didn’t know that did that

How could I know that meant that

Studiously catching words from your lips

Pocketing them at my hips

To be emptied by your fingertips

Don’t stop teaching me


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– Love

Meka Love

Beaming from Another Sunshine Award

Bathing in the Sunshine

I’m beaming after receiving the Sunshine Award again. Thank you too much EJ for the nod on one of the besticist blogs around– Whimsical Eclecticist.  He says it’s about nothing–oh but it is such sweet nothing, and I highly recommend you visit it very soon.

Here’s the skinny: I’m supposed to tell you 10 things about myself and then my fav part is that I get to shower award nominations on 10 blogs that bring the Sunshine. And if it weren’t for EJ’s questions, I’d be staring blindly at my screen as a rush of “random observations about myself” zoom through my mind while my mind’s arm desperately reaches to catch 10 of them while its other arm is struggling to hold the ones I’ve already caught! Dropping random observations like crumbs all over the blogosphere floor. Thanks to EJ of Whimsical Eclecticist, the floor stays clean another day, and my mind doesn’t need arms. In fact, the only thing I’m reaching for is to continue becoming a better person to tell you 10 things about.

Here are 10 things about me, Meka Love- if you choose to accept 😉

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You are Interacting with ME: Express Yourself Edition

Express Yourself Edition




Don’t forget to hit the refresh to see my edits as I am writing ‘live’. You can post using the comment box, share using the links below if you would like to invite someone. Email and sharing options are below and in the Contact tab.




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Featured Poem (Adult): Untitled by Kevito Dozier

The following is a poem about me written by Harlem, NY based poet, floempire radio personality, and blogger, Kevito Dozier in an adult work that captures, by impressive comprehension of attention to details in and around my expressive writings, the essence of my persona, writing style, and interests– so much for being Big Foot! Enjoy…


Sometimes I wish I could live
A nomadic lifestyle
If ever such a thing existed
Almost a colonial times
Type of mentality
Except for exploring and
Expanding physical landscapes
I would be exploring mind-states
Tap into your cerebral cortex
And strip you of your
Resources naturally
Consume your thoughts your dreams
And take them with me
As I journey through mines…

I wanna know what’s on your mind…

I wanna dissect your brain
Into little pieces like
Shattered glass
Grind it down to sand
Melt it with wax
And reshape your thoughts
Into a candle in a effort
To shed some light
On what it’s like to
Think as you do
And hope the wick
Shines as bright as the sun…

I wanna be mind f—-…

I need my mindgasms
To come in bunches
Multiples and explosions
That result in me floating
Somewhere out of space
A big bang experience
Theoretically explained
With enough sustenance
That my brain
Absorbs it as factual
Craves and sustains it…

If ever such a thing existed… 😉

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