3 New Changes at Love Mekanism Project

I should say “changes really soon”. More love!!! That’s for sure… I’m still grasping that I’m not alone in here. Your patience and presence feels absolutely amazing. Of course… I did redecorate that one time…but I came up with a few ways to make things more comfortable and easily navigable for you without compromising the integrity of the project:

1) Open and Unedited: You will find a link or tab or menu to make it easier to differentiate works that are currently open and/or unedited. No one asked, but I’m just tryna help 🙂 that way at least you know when I’m working or if I have abandoned a project. Let’s see how that goes.

2) Schedule. For the regular ‘series’ posts and the one new upcoming series, I will post a schedule and try that out, so look for it! Got my fingers crossed, and we’ll see if that works too… It might help if they occur less randomly. It always surprises me who looks forward to what, but I’m just glad you’re reading and benefit. Thank you!

3) Challenge details. More details, rules that I kept in mind, and support related to Challenges. I understand that some are coming later and want to complete the ones I have on their own. Also the New Artist Challenge is becoming a series instead of a sporadic event! <–so excited about that


Love for Arts

Love for Arts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Comment below or email by clicking About Love Mekanism Project menu button (completing “About Love Mekanism” project menu button– that’s my next project 🙂

Oh yeah… When??? I’m giving myself until Updated: 7/20/13, so look for them.

If you have comments or questions related to these changes, please use the form at About Love Mekanism (completing that section’s gonna be my next project) or you can also send a message on facebook.

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About Poem 5 and Having Tables Turned

Photographers, artists, poets: show us DISCOMFORT.

Poem 5: Tremble, Monologue, Bass

Is about how I felt preparing for my first time posting a video image of myself online for the challenge: Act Out “What’s Clearly Bothering Me” Monologue for a prompt called Tables Turned.

Daily Prompt: Tables Turned. Are as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one?

No— not even close. I’m an admirer and observer, so being behind the camera is fun! On the contrary, I hate holding a smile. For the longest, I didn’t “get” taking photos as I love moments too much to waste. Now I do, but not for me…. the munchkins and loved ones I can’t see as much as I’d like, they adore them, so I go ahead and get them outta the way and get on with it. I take a photo ahead of events for the purposes of damage-control… because the most awkward ones seem circulate fast and wide. Couple times I thought I was lookin’ like a delectable caramel pie all around–ready to be tagged, but nope-just pi! 😉

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Act Out “What’s Clearly Bothering Me” Monologue

New Challenge!! This one should be especially fun if you have you ever wanted to be an actor, write a screenplay, have a one-person show, or just challenge yourself like me. If you are like me, either you just clicked off of this, or haven’t gotten around to it ’cause you paused to wonder whether “blog incontinence” is such a thing. Either way, this challenge is for you….mmmkaaaay “us”.

Challenge Details

1) I will give me 5 days in keeping with the original challenge. That’s due Wednesday, the 10th at 10:00 p.m. CST

2) Record and post an original video of yourself bringing the drama to my monologue,  “What’s Clearly Bothering Me”

3) You may share a link to your video on this post, so I know where to watch and subscribe

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What’s Clearly Bothering Me v 3.something

It’s never really about the thing; is it? -lovemeka

What’s Clearly Bothering Me: A Monologue

Hurt, lonely, and confused. And all you can say is “they’re just jealous” or “that it just says something about them and not you”. Ok. Thank you for the advice, and next time I’ll give them some variation of “I’m rubber; you’re glue”, Ok?

You know what? It actually still hurts, because.. beecaaause. And you could’ve tried with your little advice. I am hurting here. My eyes are still dry because I can’t cry anymore; there are no more tears left for you…it. There are no more tears left for it. It’s

…just that I was born like this; its not something I did, but you have that- which I have desired with tears through fatigue…in fatigues, in the rain, through the horror, illness, and hurt in holding onto the thread hope that I might have a chance– to even pay all gained through it– wealth, health, all the talent I have, and every 60 seconds of my time– sometimes risking my very life to obtain what amounts to nothing of value to my being. After all, what is anything worth if I cannot be you… be with you… Well……not be..that’s silly….”have” that you “have”?

That… is all I have so desperately longed for to have “that” thing with “them” the way I just know it is– much easier and no significant issues compared to mine, I imagine. Just look at you. And here I am.. again disappointed as I expected ’em to be more considerate of those of us with lesser favor. And you are singing, dancing, and twirling the hills and flowery fields of the promised land of my dreams… your dreams.

Oh yes, I know the circumstance– ’cause it is similar to the plans of my own destiny endowed by Him, Himself. Yet, for a lowly me, you can’t conjure a more thoughtful, meaningful response?

I am intimately knowledgeable of the magnificence of your conditions…the condition.

But you can’t take a single break in your never-ending angelic chorus of life to help tend the thing that’s CLEARLY bothering me!

…and next time that’s what I’mma tell ’em

Ha!! I hope you enjoyed this monologue as much as I enjoyed writing it! Watch for the edits. Thank you so much for reading and supporting me through this time.