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That’s a post-secondary area of study, right? The study of trying to find a job with it -ology? Noooo. I literally don’t feel that way. Every egghead, non-prescription-spectacle-wearin’-geek-wanna-be-with-a-mouse, or nerd-stalkin’-senior-year-opportunist who has accidentally glanced at a ripped note BEFORE crushing it into enough saliva to make a “spitball” with enough density to propel it at the angle available using the perfect air pressure to reach the velocity required to adhere it to the classroom CEILING…. Knows:

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Why “Nerd Words” aren’t so Nerdy

A word-lovin-nerd-blog must have a segment about words. Here’s why “Nerd Words” never became just word-a-day filler I imagined.

Here’s why “Nerd Words” aren’t so nerdy.

1. I try to be loyal to my words. Of all the titillating tongue-dancing, lip-smacking words, sensory reacting words, right in front of us that we take for granted, how dare I scour exotic special dictionaries of clobbered latin, non-sense, and redundancy.

With “use your words” as a common request on this self-discovery a mission, why would I think you seek to speak like someone else? Instead of introducing new words, I seek to re-introduce some that are important to me– those we hear all the time and skim past without a second look. They might be introduced in a different context than we normally to seeing them. If only a nerd would know that, only an artist could conceptualize it– ’cause we can make flat things seem spatial– a lingual engineer(?)… a geek would get that.

But whyyyy?


mechanolater (Photo credit: Pete Prodoehl)

I find that it’s easier effectively listen when we don’t take words for granted– that is…know what we’re listening for. A single overused, misplaced, mispronounced, anecdotal, regional, or mystical word leaves some less than enchanted and perhaps the impression that they have already heard all that one has to say. Ahh to our detriment ’cause this is a sure-fire way to end up searching the world for what is right in front of ya. Now presentation is undeniable indeed, but I’ll take a platinum dinner plate in a hefty bag over a plastic noir origami on an engraved zinc alloy platter, any day of the week.

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Access Granted: A Nerd Love Poem

Access Granted: A Geek Love Poem (5)

First your permissions were “read-only”; then “write”. Come behind my firewall. Administrate me, I invite
-access and not just the.. user interface
give me your coded instruction…

Please, no corruption.. proceed carefully; mistakes in my tree negate memories by the terabyte
Keep me up day and night with no downtime; and you’ll find satisfaction in the windows that attracted you

Master…of the back-end …net…work
So I flirt with no broken links or exclaim no
dialog in my box, OK, we Continue
We click… page after page, it loads
and reloads- holds only when told
Delivers around the clock; while they wonder how you got…

Authenticated permission to control
But whatever they boldly stated
or what it’s called, I can recall… it.
’cause Access to the server room isn’t Random; it is granted if at all

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Featured Poem (Adult): Untitled by Kevito Dozier

The following is a poem about me written by Harlem, NY based poet, floempire radio personality, and blogger, Kevito Dozier in an adult work that captures, by impressive comprehension of attention to details in and around my expressive writings, the essence of my persona, writing style, and interests– so much for being Big Foot! Enjoy…


Sometimes I wish I could live
A nomadic lifestyle
If ever such a thing existed
Almost a colonial times
Type of mentality
Except for exploring and
Expanding physical landscapes
I would be exploring mind-states
Tap into your cerebral cortex
And strip you of your
Resources naturally
Consume your thoughts your dreams
And take them with me
As I journey through mines…

I wanna know what’s on your mind…

I wanna dissect your brain
Into little pieces like
Shattered glass
Grind it down to sand
Melt it with wax
And reshape your thoughts
Into a candle in a effort
To shed some light
On what it’s like to
Think as you do
And hope the wick
Shines as bright as the sun…

I wanna be mind f—-…

I need my mindgasms
To come in bunches
Multiples and explosions
That result in me floating
Somewhere out of space
A big bang experience
Theoretically explained
With enough sustenance
That my brain
Absorbs it as factual
Craves and sustains it…

If ever such a thing existed… 😉

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Anonymous Submission: An Inspired Poem

Inspired by the Inspired (also called 2)

My sweet Destiny, what delightful naivety to “challenge” me, but you mean well sugar, so go ahead and test me. I’ll humor your endeavor for whatever- if only but to amuse myself beyond Crush. But you must know that my tastes are from a better artistic time with more creative muses than you. But the article and discussions were divine, and I have lots of art, music, and poetry in mind for you.

Dear Ms. Destiny, surprisingly I find this exercise exhilarating! So cute and simple this new music… somehow it brings me nearer to when art, film, poetry, and theatre reflected the fragrant garden of the complexities of its era. Good for me and good for you… so I’ll jot down a word or two when I’m so inclined– but I have only 5 minutes since business and busy-ness take all my time- making tending to myself last in line.

Oh Ms. Destiny, it’s difficult to say how these words inundate me, so I won’t say a thing, but look here and see how they flow so easily from me and my pen and my keys spilling, with an intimidating honesty the contents within… and of my heart- outside in, right side and around but I continue to breathe it in- left side down. Til I changed; after I wrote for you, I wrote again!

Dear Ms. Destiny, I’m writing to boldly proclaim that I AM an artist in whom creativity travels my veins. New expressive outlets now release,what I held before, to explain all I now see: the immaculate order of the chaotic world around me, how dilated eyes connect me to youthful freedom, and how the addition of clarity and vision are all packaged and caressed by my adult confidence. My imperfectly beautiful art evolves every day. Through this inspired window, imagery arrests me, so I awaken and sketch in 3 minutes more or less and seconds- what I somehow never saw before. I will continue to challenge myself and let others rise to me on this journey now. I believe that I’m the one who left creativity when I thought life had worn it away, but it was always inside of me.

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HUMANITY n. “1. a. The quality or state of being human. b. the quality or state of being kind to other people and animals 2. All people: humankind

/HUgh-MON-ataaaayah/ or so I pronounced it when selecting this one. With exaggerated lip movements stretching that Southern drawl out as far as I could while striking a thinking man pose!

……..But instead the stealthiness of Legos confounded me along with how to choreograph a toy-scoop, deodorant check, yawn, and stretch in a single “Boom-Kat”. But my body was already preparing a homeostatic mechanism in protest of impending exposure to the boredom of an overused and loftily associated word. Why would I choose it?

You know how “human” is our species (or category)? Well, knowing that makes it easier to grasp humanity: “I know you are a human because of all these qualities; you all have them.” If we did not, we would be another type of animal. This is one of the basics that I hope everyone already knows. Just as the golden rule of thumb for when one human interacts with another human is to treat her as you would want to be treated. This works especially assuming that we both recognize that each other are human (people)– the very definition of humanity.

Honey, you’re sharp if you are here. The magic happens quickly, so pay attention!

VISUALIZE (Visual Exercise)

If you’re a visual learner, try this little quick exercise to see if it helps you connect with your humanity. You can look or imagine looking at your reflection and into the gaze of your own eyes or simply pointing to yourself.

1. First, look into that mirror and vocalize who you are as a human, person, …by your name, or just whatever is comfortable for you.

My sketch of Mr. Oh T. Humanity

My sketch of Mr. Oh T. Humanity

2. Find out by asking and expressing how you deserve to be treated, how you want to be treated, and also specifically how others are treating you.

3. Perform checks during this exercise by asking, “do I really believe what I just said?” If you do, proceed. If not, be honest, and then please…continue.

4. If at this point, you feel no doubt about the accuracy of this survey of your feelings right now, re-read the Golden Rule example below:

Read again: The golden rule of thumb for when one human interacts with another human is to treat her as you would want to be treated. This works especially assuming that both of us recognize that each other are human (people)– the very definition of humanity.

So ask me again why this ol’ dull drab highfalutin word “humanity”? Because I almost tacked on humanitarian AND humanitarianism in a white paper-sized article about tryna sub humanitarian-ism for human-ity.

…..and from where in the hell do these Legos keep coming?!–just as I have run outta “Boom-Kat”.


Nerd Words to Love By: Humanity

Unlikely Music Review as Poetry: New Song By Billy Lord

“Song offers a glimpse into the heart of a man… not of the thoracic kind– though I make no promises concerning any possible anatomical response. The magic happens quickly so pay attention…”

“What’s a good-looking guy doing sitting on a street corner in Austin, Texas singing his heart out to a phone or something’?”

At one point in the video some guy (out of camera view) interrupted the singer just to say, “Hey there Buddy”. Born and raised in the South where it is a point of cultural pride that we greet people for no apparent reason, even I cocked a sideways-raised-eyebrow when I heard that guy’s audible video bomb. The singer-songwriter just kept on playing– except for a hardly noticeable brief pause I credited with making it even more believable.  Before I knew it, bless Texas, about 5 minutes of country listenin’ had elapsed. When the video ended at 5:06 (but who’s paying attention), my wheels kept on turning as my fragile head processed what I saw as an emotional reading of a thought-provoking modern poetry I need to discuss. But with whom?! Want to talk about Country or Rock song about love and longing, anyone? Not me!!! Buuuut…

A better question might be whether I’m ready for some honesty? If so, would I like to talk about the last time I laid my heart out in traffic for a lover? Billy Lord’s newest draft from the road, now called “Lone Star” offers a voyeuristic peek into the soul of a man’s heart while he’s alone and wishing for a distant love- talking quite literally about shedding tears even as he admits testing his woman …and she fails <gasp!> …then it’s ok <double-gasp!!> Ya mean, he’s not going to preach and it’s not over? No taunting how she’s gonna regret it and how he goes out to find someone new with whom he can be emotionally unavailable? No name-calling, accusations…it’s quite alright?…hmm.

Lone Star starts with a gritty insistence to a love interest that  “You could have stopped me from leaving…” The line tapers with a raspy earnest whisper- his words broken with desperation; he continues telling her stories of seedy company and events that had befallen him since she failed to make him stay (you’re right-that sarcasm was loud…back to his point) eh hem…. since he left her. Not so literally, he declares that his peace was with her at home–specifically in her bed. “It’s 3 a.m. where is your piece?” 😉

Not without commercial appeal, he quite literally shouts out his native New York and towns he visited on his open road journey including some towns we know and love like New Orleans and others we regret we don’t– like beautiful Kemah, Texas. The last shout-out in the story was to Las Vegas where he “watched it all fade away…”.  Was it gambled all away or did it stay in Vegas with whatever happened- as one should hope? Even when the lyrics are short on details, true to poetry and literature, they are littered with inferences  leaving us to suspect the happenings on his journey after departing…. the lover in the song who had the audacity to believe him when he said he wanted to leave (she pulled his card, honey!…ok that was the last one, really:)

Who can’t relate to that?! Watch the video, and return to discuss.

Thank you tons


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