Poem 38: The Perfect Woman

By Meka Love
“Excuse me,” he said
Breezing past the perfect woman
Her attentive smile upon him
He’d only see if…
Eyes weren’t fixed on a vixen
Smacking her lips
At a text message
Before she ignored him
Called him boring and
Friends forewarned of her
Calling them childish
He accepted the challenge

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Feminist Papers 2: Illumi-Not Them

Situation Report: Illumi-Not Them

Their handy-work goes by society, the elite—decision-makers; the real players—the payers, the beyond pay—the eternity seekers. They have been described as the crabs in a barrel pulling them back as if that were the same thing as helping them escape if they wanted such. Keeping them that way ensures they pose no threat to their own success and the legacy for their like. They square the root of evil for power so it neither falls on their watch nor advances without their thumbprint. They are often called haters, card-holders, king-makers and deck-stackers– to sway beliefs and preferences—unsatisfied, they seek to better calculate and predict them- to stay aligned with their comforts, traditions, and desires. They were there first; they were born first; they thought of it first; they were slighted first; their pain and story are more important—any justification works. Continue reading

Poem 21: Part 2 – Second the One

2nd part of the series “Second the One” by Meka

Sell me the dream,” I think
Gazing intently atop my drink
Careful not miss his rendition of the familiar speech
These lips can sync it by heart and memory
Recalling files of familiar lines from the Top Shelf
Tipsy enough to amuse myself

But the muse, myself
Instead is listening attentively-
Admiring how seriously
He takes life but not himself

Makes punch-lines land smoothly
Amid run away laughter
Drowning out the sense to tell when it’s time to

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My Fav Halloween Story in 1 Minute

There is a really cool Halloween story about a little man being chased in the dark of night in his own neighborhood by his giant creepy nemesis. Desperate and in fear for his life, he got the courage to fight back.

Must’ve taken every ounce he could muster from his small frame to fight his way to escape. He believed that the bloody scene meant that he had triumphed against the foe who haunted him….at first

Follow the link to hear the story ending’s interesting twist. Enjoy! Happy Halloween

Excerpt from “My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me” performed by Bushwick Bill

First Date: Poem 14

I know she feels this way too. I’m GQ today
But her Allure… “Waiter, 2 more? ” I’m
Wondering how many drinks it takes
To knock these plates off the table
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Demise and Burial of the Half@ssed Apology

Demise and Burial of the Half-assed Apology

by Meka

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today to eulogize the Half-assed Apology. In recent years, Half authored acclaimed works such as: “I’m sorry you took it that way.” “I regret that your feelings were hurt.” the popular series “I apologize if…” and other relationship-damaging political lawyering gobbledygook our loved ones have come to exchange as par for the course with newly discovered pseudo-celebrity.

Mr. Apology came of age with Crossed Fingers and later Instead O. Permission. They became fast friends with him but regret they cannot be here today as it has become difficult for them to appear in public. We were unable to find any notable long-term accomplishments, and his surviving family members couldn’t be here. It says on this note here:

To whom it may concern:

Roll Tide

Roll Tide (Photo credit: gjs)

Please inform No One, that I will be attending the bedsides of closer relatives, Honest Mistake and I. F. Dupp, instead. After that, I’ll be working overtime on a world tour promoting for One Self and his clients, Forgive and Forget, on their new book entitled, Good Luck Getting an Apology Nowadays. How ’bout Nick Saban?

Roll Tide,

Pr’ tendit Didn-Thappen

Kids please get outta that dirt! Hmm…what am I doing? I’m just mm-making mud pies. Oh..this box? A…pretend baking pan. Ok, you’re right; I’m lying. I’m sorry for lying to you; I was embarrassed to admit that I’m eulogizing a figurative– right, you’re 3. I was embarrassed. I’m just trying to say that it’s ok to make mistakes and that sometimes even the best choices can turn out to be wrong. Why not apologize, make it right the best you can, and move on- especially for someone you love?

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