Reading of Poem 27- Southern Metropolis: A Love Story

After challenging myself on to satisfactorily read one of my poems, I finally read Southern Metropolis: A Love Story in a YouTube video. Much better than the first time I tried a similar challenge.

Southern Metropolis is a love story metaphor for artists in metropolitan areas or small towns who believe they must leave everything behind and move away to achieve their dreams for many reasons– perhaps the lack of local opportunities, possibly limited support in a divided community, or simply that arts may not be seen as an acceptable way to make a living there. It is part tragedy, part endearing, part “unsaid thing“, and all love and art. That’s still appealing story to me. I’m happy to have been able to write and share it- now read it to you.


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Artists Take on an Abandoned Building

I found this video of artists making over an abandoned building with street art. It’s called Sofles – Limitless and hope you enjoy the video linked below

Sofles – Limitless

I am thankful you stopped by! Enjoy your day.


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Four Love Mekanism Artist *PICKS*

Listening, admiring, and creating new art are a great escape. Here are this week’s picks and finds from the community. 

Challenge Details

  1. Wave your flag at me so I can see what you are listening to by commenting or pinging where we can visit to see your picks
  2. If I happen to see any or any is sent to me that I’d like to share, I’ll post it here.
  3. Enjoy and let’s do this again Thursday– tentatively per the schedule!

This Week’s Community *PICKS*

1. Picked from twitter @lovemekanism Click the title link below to hear the poem

Distance in Words, by Solace the Writer

From the album, Fear of Mics
“How can you lose something you never owned? By thinking you own it.” -Solace, the Writer

2. Picked from Instagram/lovemekanism

These are the beautiful, and alive with energy. I could barely post these for staring at them. Don’t you love these?

Beautiful image by #tristanneaton shared by Yiannis Bellis

Amazing work by Yiannis Bellis

3. Picked from facebook/lovemekanism

Like Damn, TriiipleBBB featuring Bates

Everything in the world wanted me to have this little club song- in the spirit of First Date: Poem 14. This one’s meticulously produced; the artist dances with a sexy subject matter without going too far. Nice one!

4. Seen on Permanent Days Unmoving – (good, clean…easy-reading blog by the way). I liked it a lot.

2,3 Clear by Senser

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After Challenge to Act Out “What’s Clearly Bothering Me” Video

English: Robert Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions

English: Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Soooo how does it feel to make my video debut sleep-deprived, un-styled and reciting the worst fiction I’ll ever write, performing the worst acting I’ll ever perform in the worst video I’ll ever produce to complete my challenge to “ACT OUT: Monologue”? It feels absolutely amazing!! 😀


Now THAT was a challenge Sure, I’ll laugh with and at myself for many years about the extent of my irrational anxiety about this and in the challenges before.  But it helps to know that nobody really gives a damn– lol

Yet I was the one losing sleep! …and dreams, squandered youth and opportunities. And you may say, “well Meka, your blog’s not even a month old; you don’t know the ramifications yet.” Well you would be right because I don’t know. When I took no risks, I didn’t know either, and today I still don’t know. I know that there’s plenty of time to fail. In fact I will, just as I have failed at some things before, without question.

  • What do I know for sure? …that I tried and did the best I could as I would want my own to do until they learned a better way. I will give that advice to them anyday and not blink because I lived it– no explanation needed. And if I fail, it’s because the obstacles would be real and not perceived, irrational, some self-imposed blockage accepted from someone else, or accepted as fact for lack of the gift that is the curiosity to question things, or the “courage to change the things I can”. They are mine alone– destined to be and will one day work for me as I continue my journey.
  • Whyyyyy is it important? Because it proves that I can do anything, and even that it was not done very well is inconsequential at this point. (incoming caveat) As a professional writer, artist, and an aspiring fiction writer, I am not satisfied with the quality of this work. There’s clearly a lot of work to do, but ya have to start somewhere, and guess who I just beat in a race to the top? Every single aspiring fiction writer who never tried. This is beginning of the road for me. What’s next is where my post, Part 2: Challenge to Finish a Project comes into play. But let’s explore the sentence emboldened above: “I am not satisfied with the quality of this work.”

Pay attention the magic happens quickly… (hey it’s my party 🙂

  • That my dear Loves, the ability to accurately label and effectively harness disappointment and dissatisfaction– to its proper and most beneficial place, is growth. I don’t mean “excuses” because those are empty, but when I am actively working on becoming better in that specific area, I am growing. You can see the steps I am and will take and progress is measurable. Then, you can see that the car is harnessing the fuel– not the other way around. I had been allowing the fuel to completely incinerate the car! You can’t travel in a burnt up car!

These are the BASICS– an important piece of the foundation on which I can build my dreams.

I value a short-cut and a heads-up like everyone else, but I can’t dream of shopping and promoting volumes of my own future work with the anxiety I carried about revealing myself or paralyzing fear and self-criticism that haunted me. Do I still become fearful? Yes, but instead of transporting me back to bed, I’ve learned to harness it as fuel to transport me to back to the satisfaction that comes with living and have a peaceful– not a fearful spirit.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” ― Jack Canfield

Talk to me. If you dug it and travelled with me, don’t forget to share, like, and comment below. Thank you so much for reading.

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Unlikely Music Review as Poetry: New Song By Billy Lord

“Song offers a glimpse into the heart of a man… not of the thoracic kind– though I make no promises concerning any possible anatomical response. The magic happens quickly so pay attention…”

“What’s a good-looking guy doing sitting on a street corner in Austin, Texas singing his heart out to a phone or something’?”

At one point in the video some guy (out of camera view) interrupted the singer just to say, “Hey there Buddy”. Born and raised in the South where it is a point of cultural pride that we greet people for no apparent reason, even I cocked a sideways-raised-eyebrow when I heard that guy’s audible video bomb. The singer-songwriter just kept on playing– except for a hardly noticeable brief pause I credited with making it even more believable.  Before I knew it, bless Texas, about 5 minutes of country listenin’ had elapsed. When the video ended at 5:06 (but who’s paying attention), my wheels kept on turning as my fragile head processed what I saw as an emotional reading of a thought-provoking modern poetry I need to discuss. But with whom?! Want to talk about Country or Rock song about love and longing, anyone? Not me!!! Buuuut…

A better question might be whether I’m ready for some honesty? If so, would I like to talk about the last time I laid my heart out in traffic for a lover? Billy Lord’s newest draft from the road, now called “Lone Star” offers a voyeuristic peek into the soul of a man’s heart while he’s alone and wishing for a distant love- talking quite literally about shedding tears even as he admits testing his woman …and she fails <gasp!> …then it’s ok <double-gasp!!> Ya mean, he’s not going to preach and it’s not over? No taunting how she’s gonna regret it and how he goes out to find someone new with whom he can be emotionally unavailable? No name-calling, accusations…it’s quite alright?…hmm.

Lone Star starts with a gritty insistence to a love interest that  “You could have stopped me from leaving…” The line tapers with a raspy earnest whisper- his words broken with desperation; he continues telling her stories of seedy company and events that had befallen him since she failed to make him stay (you’re right-that sarcasm was loud…back to his point) eh hem…. since he left her. Not so literally, he declares that his peace was with her at home–specifically in her bed. “It’s 3 a.m. where is your piece?” 😉

Not without commercial appeal, he quite literally shouts out his native New York and towns he visited on his open road journey including some towns we know and love like New Orleans and others we regret we don’t– like beautiful Kemah, Texas. The last shout-out in the story was to Las Vegas where he “watched it all fade away…”.  Was it gambled all away or did it stay in Vegas with whatever happened- as one should hope? Even when the lyrics are short on details, true to poetry and literature, they are littered with inferences  leaving us to suspect the happenings on his journey after departing…. the lover in the song who had the audacity to believe him when he said he wanted to leave (she pulled his card, honey!…ok that was the last one, really:)

Who can’t relate to that?! Watch the video, and return to discuss.

Thank you tons


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