Love Mekanism Project

Love Mekanism Project started as self-help challenges to use what I have quietly accomplished and learned over my career and life to harness my fears. The site was just me inducing my life through the lens of love, art, and truth. Re-engaging the world without the invisible bags o’ stuff– no barrier was safe, and I learned a great deal through this project.

Now this site,http://lovemekanism.org (Favorite and Pocket this:)) is an art blog that promotes self-expression by trying new art; it promotes healthy thought and love.


Being too stuffy would be dishonest of me. As for you, just being yourself, bringing an open mind and a hearty intellectual curiosity will help. If you like it, then “Like” it here. I looove to hear from ya, so do leave your comments. Pay it forward by sharing using the buttons below each post, and don’t forget to Follow! Check back for revisions on anything marked open *whispering* that’s for the new folks.

Who am I?

I’m Meka Love of course! I’m a writer, blogger, and founder of Love Mekanism Project. My favorite words are “love” and “balance”. I like to run and play–eh-hem exercise outdoors. I love people and fine arts. I promote self-expression through poetry, music, art, and nerd literature. Readers call me inspiring and smart; they are right about that 🙂 oooor I could just a lowly a fan of thinking. I don’t preach or dole out advice; I’m a Southern woman who lives and observes the truth– flaws and all. Much of my online writings were written ‘live’. Start here, and if you like anything, share it. Don’t forget to follow. Thanks so much for reading!

Oooooh that’s my favorite. Of all the question words, that one must be the loneliest 🙂 Let’s talk about it!

Is this your first visit, Honey? Well Start Here


joy of laughter… nothin’ wrong with having to find it, and everything’s right if in you is where you found it– Me!


32 comments on “About

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    • This was the best thing today. I will respond appropriately tomorrow when I have had sleep, but I had to say that this was like fuel optimizer or something. The stuff they claim extends your gas mileage.

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    • I’m glad you visit mine, and I’m especially happy you visited mine today to help me celebrate my 50th post. Congrats on getting your 300,000th view and working up to your 20,000th follower this week O_O holy moly! 🙂 Same thing, right? You deserve it!

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    • Anytime Tony, your blog isn’t the stop-through kind either is it? I cannot wait for the opportunity to actually go through it. You will know when I have had time to really visit because I will talk you to pieces. I don’t know anything about hypnotic suggestion, but it certainly seems like it would be great light-reading one day. Thank you so much for dropping in

  7. ‘why’ is most definitely my favorite question word too, because when you follow the trail back to the beginning, any beginning, it’s always about ‘why’ for me.

    Meka, this is a wonderful blog you’ve created, a very high energy quotient and I have to confess, the name is to die for, Love Mekanism.
    *so smiling now*

    • Thank you so much! I just adore your blog and your visits. You make me smile right along with with you. Thank you! Would you believe it if I told you that it came to me in a dream?! Yeah. I woke up, said it out loud and wrote it down.

      I thought it was cool, but I texted it to my bestie just in case, and she thought it was pretty cool too, so I kept it. Theres the pic of what I texted it her at the top of this page 🙂 I added the xxxx later lol

  8. in a dream?….then please keep dreaming Meka. after a very long absence, i am beginning to remember my dreams again and i am so grateful, when i was kid i blurred the lines between waking imagination and my dreams. i missed that blur, living too much in this world.

    hhhm…. and now this conversation has spurred another poem, ty Meka for providing such fertile ground here. how could i not be inspired, surrounded everywhere i look with the word ‘love’…….

    • You’re welcome 🙂 To know this makes me a happy woman! And yes, in a dream haha! Like you, I thought it was a cool name, so I didn’t want to forget it.

      But the blur you speak of does leave easily. Usually from me one reason is because it’s so easy to find the facts, the data, and there is so much information to consider, so it becomes normal to double-check everything. But I simply remember that just because I can do something doesn’t always mean that I should. There’s no Google or data available to guide our own creativity or other things within our ourselves– that can only be tapped from the inside. At some place there’s a line to be drawn, but I know I don’t need them at creativity or creative imagination. For everything else, there’s “Balance” 🙂

      Excellent! Thank you for sharing and you’re always a delight

  9. Meka, great poems…I did a little in my younger years but never caught the serious bug……keep the good writing…as always a pleasure….chuq

  10. I can’t begin to thank you enough for stopping over and visiting my humble blog-o-thing! It truly means so very much to me. Be inspired and please take care.

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