Community Do’s

Welcome. Sweet Tea?

So glad you came. I’m pleasantly humbled by the views so far. I’m especially happy you would want to come and talk to me and explore my glorified “nerd blog” and interact about love, life, and the mechanisms with which we express them. I envision a place where we can relax and not be afraid to be different or feel that our questions and interests are marginal. Culture is celebrated and knowing stuff is pretty cool ’cause that’s the kinda place I want to be.

Sweet Iced Tea

Sweet Iced Tea (Photo credit: Godverbs)

What you should know?

It’s ok not have the pc answers and to admit human flaws and be comfortable doing the best we can right now and in who we are until we “learn better” as Dr. Angelou says.

Content here is private intellectual property with copyright. Please respect it by citing your sources– that is sharing articles using the proper tools and formats

No one always agrees, and that’s ok! I’m ok with that.

Mean people really suck.


Get comfortable and participate actively. Add to the conversation with a comment (that’s my lovemekanism amen, honey) , share, and continue to discover with me. Everything helpful that I’ve learned and know, I hope to share eventually share here.

No really! Do waste time here– just ponder. What’s wrong with that?!

Do follow here and also on follow Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ Each have something different

If you find something that you like or find helpful, pay it forward. Share, Google+ it up, Like it, promote the single post or the whole site. Find links on the About page. Follow to subscribe and get updates in your inbox, or just copy and paste the link into Facebook.

Smile at someone! Love yourself and take care of you until we chat again– will ya?


Watch for It’s a different type of outlet that I hope you will also enjoy.


Flexible schedule so that I can still write as inspired, but you can expect these.

Sunday: Interact: Some time between 8-9:30pm

What’s Interact? Well I’m in and out and be here any given hours of 24, but Interact with Me is a set time you can count on my presence and can respond immediately to your comments or just share a creative time when I know that you’re there and we’re creating together. I’m ‘live’ writing a discussion, and you can follow along my progress by hitting the refresh button.

During rest breaks, I stop into update you and discuss things I’ve found that have encouraged my creativity or offered inspiration.

Tuesday: Nerd Words

Thursday: New Artist Challenge

Friday: “Quoting Myself”


2 comments on “Community Do’s

  1. Sweet tea…I haven’t had that since I visited my aunt and uncle in Atlanta in 1988! (Oddly enough, it’s not a ‘thing’ here in Arizona.)

    You’ve got a fun place going here. The interact idea is one I haven’t seen before. Nice one 🙂

    • Ha! You’re the first to mention that, so I’ll tell you this: Down here in Alabama, it’s an assumption, but when I traveled a lot, the could only me sugar for my iced tea (bless their hearts). Now, I don’t sugar, but “Sweet Tea” is still synonymous with home. I feel that when I’m writing. Thank you for the comment. Come back soon and often for Sweet Tea 😉 Love!

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